Since 1989, Audio Tec Designs has been providing security and surveillance systems in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, and throughout South Florida to provide homeowners with peace of mind while helping to keep them safe and secure. Our home automation systems can provide the security you need by allowing us to tie the home’s sub-systems, as well as surveillance and alarm systems, together so that notification or another course of action can occur when a specific event is triggered.

Security and Surveillance Systems

Security systems are more than simply alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station. Advanced security systems can provide anything from information about someone entering your property to a reminder that a door has been left open or an alert that an aging parent has not gotten out of bed. Our home security, surveillance and automation systems offer you the ability to keep track of everything going on in and around your home whether you are there or not. Depending on the event and what needs to happen based on the trigger, your system can be set up to notify you via push notifications, text message or email, can turn on the lights in the home, can lock a gate or door, or can perform a number of other tasks designed to increase the security of your home.

Home security provides you with peace of mind…

Consider this. You are at work but you are expecting the gardener to arrive in the early afternoon and your daughter to get home from school shortly afterwards. Feeling a bit uneasy that she might be home alone while the gardener is still there, a home security system will allow you to monitor when the gardener enters and leaves as well as when your daughter arrives at home, and if you have interior surveillance set-up, you will even be able to feel confident knowing that you can see your daughter safely in the house, hopefully doing her homework. Although none of these events would trigger a call to an alarm company, your automated security system can provide you with all the information you need to monitor just what is going on at home, even when you’re stuck at work.

We offer a variety of systems and products to meet your home security needs, including:

  • Alarm systems – We can arrange for the installation of a UL-licensed 24-hour monitoring company to install fire and burglar alarms (that can be tied into our complete home security system)
  • Home automation systems – Provides information or specifies a series of actions to occur based on particular occurrences. For example, if the burglar alarm is tripped, in addition to the alarm calling the central monitoring station, a home automation system can be set up to turn on all lights in and around the house and to have the front lights flash in order to draw attention to the house so police can easily find it. If fire is detected, on the other hand, a pathway of lights can automatically go on to lead you out of the home.
  • Surveillance systems – Cameras can be installed to monitor and record the exterior and interior of the home. In addition to storing video online for easy accessibility, notifications can be set up through the home’s automation system to let the homeowner know when activity is detected in a certain part of the home. For example, you can be notified if someone leaves a package at the front door, a contractor tries to get into a secured part of the house or the garage door is left open. In addition to general surveillance systems, we also offer nanny cams and pet cams, providing peace of mind to homeowners when away from home while children, elderly parents and/or pets are at home. Popular surveillance systems include DropCam, IC Realtime, WirePath and Panasonic.

Tieing surveillance together with home automation systems and security systems is very powerful. It allows homeowners to monitor just about any type of activity that occurs in or around the home, no matter where they may be. Our comprehensive security services include everything from the design and installation of surveillance systems to coordination with UL-licensed alarm companies and incorporation of any aspects of alarm and surveillance systems into the home automation system to produce a specified result (such as a notification or the lights turning on). We even offer a 24/7 monitoring service for homeowners interested in having us monitor the health and safety of their home, including aspects such as internet connectivity, humidity levels, access controls and other factors impacting home security.

As specialists in the home automation industry, our experienced team can provide the home security and surveillance systems and monitoring you need to keep your home and your family safe and secure. We can even work with existing systems to enhance the security of your home. No job is too large or too small for us and all of our home security installation teams include a project manager to ensure a seamless installation and integration of your home’s systems.

For more information about our home security and surveillance systems, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss your home security needs, contact us at 561-368-4411.

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