Audio Tec Designs installs a variety of audio products, systems and services in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida for both residential and commercial applications. Our audio products meet a number of different needs, from enhancing the viewing pleasure of home theater systems to providing high quality sound throughout a home or building.

Home Audio Installation, Service and Repair

When it comes to watching video on a home theater system or television screen, audio is a key factor in being able to fully connect with what you’re watching. Seeing the picture is only half the experience, while hearing sound the way sound engineers intended for you to hear it can provide you with the full experience.

There are many factors that go into creating the most ideal audio conditions. For example, it’s important to first know what type of environment an audio system is being used in. In dedicated home theaters, a controlled environment can be created to provide the intended sound experience. The acoustical properties of the room, whether reflective or absorptive, need to be determined and the proper positioning and placement of speakers in relation to seating must be considered. In fact, a variety of simulated venues can be recreated in the room, depending on a homeowner’s desires, simply by changing the type of surround sound audio equipment and positioning. So, if a homeowner wants to simulate the environment at a rock concert or a concert hall in Vienna, the audio system and positioning can create the intended experience.

Imagine this…

You’re sitting in your home theater watching and listening to your favorite band in concert. You close your eyes to soak in the power of the music and for a few minutes, imagine that you are sitting front and center amongst thousands of screaming fans, although you’re happy to not hear the screaming. When you open your eyes, you simply smile at the fact that you don’t have to beat those same fans out of the parking lot to make your way home. That’s the beauty of concert-quality sound from a home audio system!

In addition to providing the ideal audio experience with home sound system installation in conjunction with a home theater system, many homeowners are also interested in installing whole house audio or multi-room audio systems. This allows people to listen to different things in different rooms, with concealed or flush-mount speakers inconspicuously placed in walls and ceilings throughout the house or outdoors.

Our audio products and systems include high-end options from leading retailers including:

We offer audio system design and installation services in conjunction with home theater systems or as a standalone service for those interested in multi-room audio systems. We can also work with existing audio systems to properly position and calibrate the sound to provide you with an enhanced listening experience.

For more information about the audio products, systems and services we offer, or to schedule a free consultation to discuss ways to enhance the quality of your listening experience, contact us at 561-368-4411.

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