Most installations require some programming to be performed to make the system work precisely as it was designed to do, especially in the case of home automation systems. Unlike most companies, Audio Tec Designs has dedicated programmers who are experienced in programming our systems and controls to meet clients’ desires and requirements.

Home Theater And Home Automation Programming

Through a comprehensive discovery process, we determine what our clients’ needs are and then design programs to operate their equipment with as few steps as possible. We can create different settings and customized scenarios for each person in the home as well as for the time of day, season, weather conditions, other occupancy in the home at the time, as well as specific situations. A variety of custom programming scenarios can be set up based on what the client wants to happen in any circumstance. For example, we can set up morning modes, arrive modes, dinner modes, party modes, sleep modes and modes for just about any time or event that the client desires a new set of events to be initiated.programming

Here are just a few examples of programming options that can be set in different modes:

  • Awake mode – thermostat is set to a certain temperature, lights are gradually turned on to lead the way into the bathroom, TV turns on and is set to a specific channel, the home’s sub-systems are set to the day’s tasks
  • Party mode – thermostat is turned down to allow for additional guests in the house, lights are turned on throughout the main floor of the home, music is set to play at the pool, hot tub is turned on so water is heated when guests arrive
  • Sleep mode – alarm system is armed, lights are turned off downstairs, nighlights are turned on in upstairs hallway, thermostat is set to comfortable sleeping temperature, video intercom is set to provide alert if child gets out of bed during the night

Once everything is set up, our programmers walk clients through the operation of their controls so they know how to work them and also to ensure that the options set are to their liking.

Our programming services provide complete customization of home automation systems, offering clients exactly what they seek when operating the systems.

We are also experts at providing the proper calibration and settings for home theatre and audio systems to ensure the ultimate viewing and listening experiences.


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