Acoustic AudioAudio Tec Designs provides Totem Acoustic audio speakers developed to reproduce sleek and affordable design, installation, repair, and service in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida.

Totem Speakers Installation Services

Totem Acoustic was found in 1987 with the mission of creating loudspeakers assembled with precision and carefully selected high quality components. Every speaker model has been designed with attention to detail giving the music all of the qualities that makes it dynamic, keeping the harmonics, timbre and rhythm able to deliver powerful, moving and delicate performance.

Acoustic Audio

Totem Acoustic audio with its affordable design offers unique solutions by designing every speaker model with its own internal wiring scientifically selected and tested to provide excellent and great soulful sound throughout every model and application. The key to the Totem speaker design is creativity, style and incredible long-term value and quality.


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