Family Room

Audio Tec Designs in Boca Raton offers family room entertainment system installations in Palm Beach, Delray, and Fort Lauderdale. The home theater and automation installations offered by Audio Tec Designs can transform your family room into the hub of entertainment, relaxation and pleasure in your home. Whether your family and friends enjoy spending an afternoon watching the big game on the big screen, made even more exciting by the roar of the crowd as heard through your exquisite surround sound system, or you prefer a relaxing evening alone amidst soothing music and ambient lighting, our products and services serve to enhance your enjoyment.

Family Room Audio Video Entertainment Systems

Our professional home theater and surround sound system installations immerse you in a premium entertainment experience, but the fun doesn’t stop there. In addition to advising you on the selection of the best high-end systems, equipment and components to suit your needs, we also offer expert design services that will optimize viewing and listening pleasure. From the planning of optimal distance and viewing locations to the incorporation of superior acoustical and lighting options, we customize your family room to create the ultimate experience.

Adding to the ultra-high end video and audio systems available, in room entertainment system hub can also be enhanced by the ease and convenience of energy, lighting and remote control systems. A touch of a button can set the perfect mood, with just the right lighting, volume and temperature levels so that all aspects of the environment are just as you like them even before you enter the room.

From superior equipment and expert design to incredible convenience and customized installations, Audio Tec Designs is dedicated to making your family room an oasis to be enjoyed alone or to be shared with family and friends – one that promotes relaxation and makes for a fun and entertaining space to gather with those you love.

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