Honeywell Audio


Audio Tec Designs provides Honeywell home automation systems and audio including design, installation, repair, and service in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida.

Honeywell Audiovisuals is the strategic business that is part of Honeywell Life Safety group. Incorporated in ‘10 under Honeywell International, Inc., the Company diversified technology and manufacturing leader. With cutting-edge technology and constant innovation, Honeywell maintains its recognition as the leading public address system brand that continuously strives for complete and customized sound management solutions to help our clients deliver improvements in performance and safety.

Honeywell Home Automation

Come home and have your house at the perfect temperature? Have the lights turn on as the sun goes down? Unlock a door with a phone? Yes, yes and yes! We can help you bring your home to life with tailored results that can work with your lifestyle and evolve with your changing needs. Make the most of your home by taking control.


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