JL Audio powered subwoofers will unleash the full dynamics of your audio experience.


Audio Tec Designs provides JL Audio subwoofers including, installation, repair, and service in Boca Raton, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida.

Our award-winning lineup of powered subwoofer systems begins with proprietary subwoofer drivers and amplifier designs, precisely optimized for their intended physical envelopes and design goals. Because of this, they are not limited by which sub-assemblies are openly available on the world market. Instead, each system is fanatically engineered and precision-built in our Miramar, Florida factory to reflect our passion for spectacular audio and product quality.

We invite you to audition them at your Authorized JL Audio retailer.

Gotham®: Your first look will tell you that you are looking at something special… your first listening session will confirm it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Fathom®: Compact subwoofer systems for those who enjoy demanding program material and will not settle for compromises.

Fathom IWS®: There is no need to lower your expectations when selecting this remarkable in-wall solution… it’s a real Fathom®.

E-SubTM: Our newest generation of powered subwoofers offers a compelling combination of high performance and outstanding value.


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