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Audio Tec Designs offers a variety of advanced access control and gate entry systems, including building access products near you in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, and throughout South Florida to meet the needs of residential and commercial property owners.

We offer several brands of access control products and systems, including HID Global, Honeywell, and Paxton.

In addition to offering convenience, access control systems allow you to monitor what's happening in and around your home when you are not there. From a practical standpoint, it makes it easier to ensure that individuals are in your home when they should be while also allowing you to restrict access by location and monitor the activities of individuals and the systems in your home. Access control promotes efficiency, improves security, saves energy, and can even provide insurance discounts.

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Access control systems also provide access or entry into a particular location through means other than a key. Grant access through a proximity card or tag, fingerprint reader, recognition technology, near field communications (NFC) chip, keypad, fob, or wristband, with options available to restrict access by the area, the day, or the number of uses. Examples of access control use include allowing a contractor to get into your home for just one day to complete the job, limiting the areas of your home where your housekeeper can go, or making it easier for your children to get in the door after school and turn off the alarm, while also alerting you that they are home.

In addition to allowing access, the same technology can provide geo-location services, allowing you to monitor the location of someone at any time. So, for example, if your son goes past a certain radius of your property or your daughter is not at soccer practice at 4 pm, you will receive a notification.

The same geo-location technology also ties access control into a gate entry system. Because your location is trackable, your home can be set and ready for arrival simply by entering the driveway or walking inside. The technology can be set up to alert a home automation system before your arrival so that everything is ready and waiting when you get there.

Small System Management

Do not be mistaken. Your one or two-door system is just as important to us, and we will give it equal quality and focus from our professional technicians.

The heartbeat of America is the small and independent business owner. Your security is just as critical to your survival as anyone else. Often in a small business, owners and managers wear many hats. Removing and easing the burden of key management gives you more time for all the other things that depend on your attention. Audio Tec Designs offers multiple systems for single, two, or four-door configurations. The fact is, we have equipment configurations that can meet what your application may be. You will not only receive a sense of security knowing access to your business is controlled, but these smaller systems offer such features as remote control and show the status of your system through mobile apps. Regardless of where your busy schedule may take you, feel confident knowing your doors are locked.

Equally challenging is multi-unit housing, which combines all the other issues with the fact that when people transition and new tenants not wanting previous tenants to own a key to their new home. So, re-keying the lock and distributing new keys is a never-ending cycle.

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Know What Type of Access Control Would Best Fit Your Application

There are four primary types of access control functionality, each based on the level of security you want for your location.

Mandatory Access Control (MAC) forces the system to act according to specific functionality. During the initial programming, the system design is according to desired parameters. This method is the most secure because there is no variance and no bypassing or altering of operations. Points of access by users are specific and limited.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) creates easy programming and adaptation to personnel changes. Access is not based so much on who a person is but on what group or classification the individual may carry. For example, some areas are available only to your Sales personnel. An individual assigned to that group will gain access to all areas the particular group is allowed. If a person promotes or moves to another group, the group assignment is the only thing to be changed.

Rule-Based Access Control (RuBAC) is similar to the RBAC by allowing or denying access to users based on limitations or rules defined by the owner. Rule-based access relies on many other circumstances, such as days of the week, time of day, emergency criteria, single-use access, or access for a specific time.

Discretionary Access Control (DAC) is the least restrictive by setting the factor that the user has a code or card for access. There is no additional questioning or confirmation, simply that the code or card allows entry, regardless of who is presenting the information. This type works well when the level of access control is locking an area and keeps from having to distribute keys to everyone with access.

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Central Components of an Access Control System

Most access control systems will have some kind if not multiple, controllers or processors. As the system grows, more controllers will be added, thereby adding a need to consider how to integrate the components. For example, it may be feasible to consider multiple controllers to limit the amount of wiring for each field access location. Likewise, consider the security of the controllers themselves. Audio Tec Designs recommends keeping controllers away from publicly accessible areas like coat closets.

What areas are to be locked? Knowing this will dictate the locking hardware needed. Also, what type of access through the location is vital? Should the opening lock be from both sides or just one? Should there be a physical exit device like a button on the wall or free egress like a motion detector unlocking the door when anyone approaches?

As with determining the type of access control philosophy to use, what is the desired means of authorization? Reader types involve an insert or swipe card, card with required code, code only, or proximity device into the more secure biometrics.

Growing My System

One of the best ways to approach your access control is from a wish list application, meaning how large and in-depth you want to go in the future. A system can be as simple as a single controlled location initially. However, if you plan to expand your system, investing in a system that can grow alongside your needs is vital. This method will help avoid re-investing in control equipment.

System controllers can be interlinked and work in unison as a single system. The most important part is having the initial preparation for the expanded system. In some circumstances, where the growth may be gradual, there are systems we represent that have expandable software. The initial license may be for fewer access points, but when the time comes, it can expand to grow the system even more.

Again, as much forethought as possible will make a long-term experience with your access control system.

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Lock, Limit, and Secure

Audio Tec Designs' commercial access control packages are custom designed to fit your needs and application, regardless of how big or small. From a single door to thousands of doors, we have your solution. With an access control system, you can limit almost any conceivable situation depending on the type of system that best fits your needs:

  • Each lock has different access levels and privileges
  • Limit access by person, day, time of day, and event
  • Multiple access methods to include code, card, or biometrics
  • A wide array of lock types, including magnetic, surface, bolt, hatch, and more
  • Each person can have a single means of access that works in all the areas and times they are allowed
  • Complete reports showing who accessed the area, and at what time
  • Add surveillance cameras to track each action with video verification
  • Receive a notification when doors are left or propped open
  • Alarms when doors open outside of their scheduled times
  • Alerts of unauthorized access attempts.

The list of benefits is practically endless, but the operation is simple and precise.

Remote Access Control Management

Even though some systems need monitoring, most run automatically, without it after it's programmed, except for changes. Unless your system should have someone observing every access point, the access control system will function independently based on the level of rules initially placed. Attention to your access control systems should be minimum. In some cases, our team can handle your programming changes remotely.

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Meeting All Your Access Control Needs

As with any new system, confusion can lead to an overwhelming project. The best remedy for this is to schedule a visit from one of our Audio Tec Designs representatives and know from that meeting on, every question and concern will receive full attention. There are a couple of points that you may want to have answered before a review to get the most from your consultation. Our team at Audio Tec Designs will assess your situation, determine your needs, and design a system that fits your application and budget. Contact us today to begin, and rest assured that you will have complete control over your home!

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