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Audio Tec Designs offers a variety of advanced access control and gate entry system including building access products near you in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, Palm Beach County and throughout South Florida to meet the needs of residential and commercial property owners.

Access Control System Installation and Repair Company

Access control systems provide a way of allowing access or entry into a particular location through a means other than a key. Access can be granted through use of a proximity card or tag, fingerprint reader, recognition technology, near field communications (NFC) chip, keypad, fob or wristband, with options available to restrict access by the area, the day or the number of uses. Examples of access control use include allowing a contractor to get into your home for just one day to complete a job, limiting the areas of your home where your housekeeper can go or making it easier for your children to get in the door after school and turn off the alarm (while also alerting you that they are home). Access control systems are used by hotels, gated communities and other commercial applications.

In addition to allowing access, the same technology can provide geolocation services, allowing you to monitor the location of where someone is at a certain time. So, for example, if your son has gone past a certain radius of your property after arriving at home or your daughter is not at soccer practice at 4pm, you can receive a notification.

This same geo location technology also ties access control into a gate entry system. Since location can be monitored, a home can be set and ready for a homeowner’s arrival simply by entering the driveway or walking into the home. In fact, the technology can be set up to alert a home automation system well in advance of a homeowner’s arrival so everything is ready and waiting when they get there.

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Hid Reader

We offer the following brands of access control products and systems:

  • HID Global
  • Honeywell
  • Paxton

In addition to offering convenience, access control systems and gate entry devices allow you to monitor what is going on in and around your home when you are not there. From a practical point, it makes it easier for you to ensure that individuals are in your home when they should be (and provides them with access to get in without you having to wait at home) while also allowing you to restrict access by location and to monitor the activities of individuals, as well as the systems in your home. This promotes efficiency, improves security, saves energy and can even provide you with discounts on your insurance.

Imagine this…

You leave your home in Boca Raton, headed to your vacation home in the Keys. As you leave, the home automation system in the Keys can be alerted that you are on your way so the home can prepare for your arrival. Automated systems can open the hurricane shutters, turn down the A/C, heat up the hot tub and even have your favorite music playing as you walk in the door. Then, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy!

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