Home Theater System Installation

Audio Tec Designs specializes in designing and installing dedicated home theaters, media rooms, video systems, surround sound systems, and home theater environments near you in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, and South Florida. No matter what type of viewing experience you seek, our home theater experts can provide the ultimate video and audio quality with options that will take your in-home entertainment experience to new heights and deliver an experience just like the studios intended.

Dedicated Home Theater Systems Installation and Design

When it comes to in-home theater systems, you have several options to choose from. Dedicated home theaters offer the most optimized entertainment environment. Within these media or theater rooms, there are specific properties to address and optimize that will provide the best viewing experience. These include everything from seat location and distances to direct and ambient lighting, acoustic properties, and screen attributes. Even for those who do not have a dedicated home theater room, home theater systems designed, installed, and optimized provide the best audio and video quality and enjoyment.

Home Theater Services

We offer a wide selection of premium quality and ultra high-end home theater system products and components.

  • Audio, acoustics, and speaker systems
  • Video systems
  • Remote controls
  • Energy control systems
  • Lighting control systems
  • Motorization control
Empty Home Theater, Bright Lights Turned On

Surround Sound System Installation

Surround sound systems are a vital part of home theater design and installation. Our technicians are surround-sound experts and will create a system that will complement high-end video equipment.

Our comprehensive home theater design services ensure you enjoy the ultimate viewing experience right in the comfort of your own home. From designing home theater environments to appropriate equipment, our staff provides advice and guidance every step of the way. We assign a dedicated project manager to ensure your project runs smoothly and exceeds expectations.

Our training in the proper calibration of entertainment systems is vital in maximizing the benefits of the display and sound quality, extending the life of the equipment, and ultimately providing the referenced standard quality picture and sounds the studio intended for you to experience.


Seven Steps to a Home Theater

Home entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. From your favorite weekly reality shows to streaming Netflix on your mobile device, it seems there are endless options to get your entertainment fix. But what if there was more? A dedicated home theater brings entertainment to the next level, and here are seven steps to consider when creating your home theater.

  • Put your thoughts to paper when designing your dream room. Determine the general layout and what structural adjustments may be necessary before doing anything else.
  • Prewire for centralized equipment. Proper home theater installations should be clean with no wires showing, with all the hidden wires coming together in one centralized location. Prewiring maintains a clean design, allowing a smoother integration of the components that work together, like the speakers, receiver, projector, lighting, and more.
  • Choose the right projector and screen. One valid concern when building a home theater is to have a high-resolution picture. The last thing you want is to set everything up only to have a fuzzy or grainy screen.
  • Whether you're on the edge of your seat enjoying the latest action movie or snuggled up to watch a romantic comedy - your seating is part of the experience. It's imperative to strike the right balance between comfort and function.
  • Select the right acoustics and speakers. You don't want to skimp on the audio. A smaller room can do fine with a decent 5.1 surround sound system, while larger rooms should go with a 7.1 or 7.2. However, a quality design is more than just the speakers. The acoustics in the room are also important. For optimal performance, 50% of the room should be absorption material.
  • Personalize your theme and décor. Consider the finishing touches at the very beginning. Choosing décor for the room can be fun and will be what makes it "your" room. From custom cabinetry and wall décor to unique carpeting - the sky is the limit to how much you want to put into the theme.
  • Program your media controls. Nothing is better than sitting in a comfy theater chair and clicking play. A well-thought-out dedicated home theater typically has some level of automated controls programmed to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Components of a Home Theater

Each component that encompasses a home theater plays an important role. You'll want to own a set of surge protectors, a set of speakers, a receiver, and a display. Surge protectors will shield your other equipment from voltage spikes. Your speakers and subwoofers can be floor-standing, bookshelf, wall-mounted, or recessed into the wall or ceiling. Your receiver is the central hub of your home theater between all your audio and video inputs and outputs. Your display device is the visual centerpiece. You may want an OLED or LCD TV. What about a 4K Ultra HD TV? You may even decide to choose a video projector and screen. Your dream theater needs every component to create the perfect entertainment experience.

The Sound Experience

When you see a movie in a great theater, you hear the sound effects, the dialogue, and the music perfectly layered together to weave a story. But the sound doesn't just emit from the screen. When something comes from the left of the scene, you hear it on the left. You will see and hear the character coming in front of you straight on. The careful incorporation of bass, speakers, and subwoofers weaves together different sound elements.

You are more involved in the experience of watching your favorite movie because the movie environment envelops you. A surround sound system will immerse you into the storyline in a whole new way.

Speaker In Living Room
Home Theater Screen

The Movie Screen

In the theater, the screen takes up your entire field of view, drawing you into the scene. The attention to lighting in the theater is comforting and anticipatory; as the lights dim, the world is your viewing area and springs to life. Audio Tec Designs can put you in the middle of the action with the latest technology in high-resolution screen development and automated lighting design.

There are several options of screens, from a curved 4K screen to a fixed frame projector screen for the ultimate movie replication. Selecting the correct size depends on the size of your room and the distance from your seating; you don't want to strain your neck or squint. In a sea of visual choices, we'll help you select the screen that will work best for you.

The Seating

Let's not forget the comfort of watching a movie. Movie theater recliners are becoming more advanced and do more than hold your drink and recline.

Some are built-in with seat heaters or have 4D capabilities to rumble along with the movie action. You deserve seating worthy of the cinema, and you can go as simple or high-tech as you'd like, whether you want an L-couch, loveseats, or stadium recliners.

There is nothing like having the entertainment level of a great movie shared with your closest family and friends.


Benefits of Owning a Home Theater

The benefits of a home theater typically include increased home value, customization matching your desires, and repurposing unused space. Additionally, many customers purchase home theaters for family time and entertainment experiences. Here's a closer look at some benefits a properly designed home theater can provide.

Repurpose Any Space

No space is too small to transform into a home theater. An extra bedroom, a basement, a garden shed, a walk-in closet, or a cozy nook can all create an entertainment space that works for you.

Simple additions like insulated carpet and walls for optimal acoustics, blackout curtains for windows, and a few comfortable chairs are all you need to change a space. You'll be able to turn an unused space into a place where the whole family will want to gather.


Total Customization

Anything goes in your home theater. You pick the equipment and furniture tailored to your needs. Your equipment can be economical or high-tech, with a basic layout or maximal hardware.

You'll be able to design it to your specific tastes and choose to decorate your theater with color palettes and furniture, or you can craft a dramatic space that recalls 1920s Art Decor Style in the era of the silent picture.

Raising Your Home's Value

A properly designed and installed home theater can boost your home's value when you are ready to place it on the market.

Today's buyers are looking for technology that improves their at-home experience. Typically, fancy additions like a swimming pool are a boon to some and a burden to others. But unlike a swimming pool, a home theater doesn't require expensive upkeep. Once you've purchased the equipment, it should operate smoothly for decades.


Family Time

The point of a home theater is creating a space that brings your family together. You can snuggle up with your spouse and kids, pop some popcorn, and enjoy an evening of family-friendly superhero movies, sing-along musicals, and nature documentaries.

When you watch movies with your family, you can monitor what your kids watch. But family time extends beyond movies as your family can play video games, sing karaoke, play trivia online, and cheer your favorite sports teams on together. Soon, your family will look forward to spending time together in your home theater.

Audio Tec Designs is a leading provider of high-end theater systems in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, and South Florida.

Since 1989, we have offered our clients high-end solutions to enhance their in-home entertainment pleasure, and we pride ourselves on our concierge-like service. We are an accredited member of CEDIA (the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association), and our team members are trained regularly on the latest advances in home theater technologies. As a full-service home theater system provider, we coordinate with contractors, designers, and architects to ensure you get the ultimate home theater experience.

A dedicated home theater is a real treat. If you're building or remodeling to make this dream come true, our team at Audio Tec Designs would love to help. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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