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We design intelligent solutions that simplify our lives. We believe that smart home technology should blend with the interior design and enhance your lifestyle while bringing value to your home.

Our Smart Solutions

  • Automation

    Our Smart Home solutions let you take full control of your home’s security, home entertainment systems, lighting, blinds and much more, all with the touch of a button.

  • Entertainment

    We will not only design and install your audio and video systems, but we also design, install, furnish, and calibrate custom Home Theater rooms to your exacting specifications.

  • Lifestyle

    A home’s lighting is a critical component that sets your mood and enhances your lifestyle. Our lighting control systems enable you to easily set your mood, and when integrated with
    our home automation system will take your lifestyle to a whole new level.

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Smart Home Automation

Home automation is exactly what the name implies: automating the ability to control items around the house, from window shades to pet feeders, with a simple push of a button (or a voice command). But the possibilities are almost endless and are custom designed to your home and lifestyle needs.

  • Don’t want the sun fading your favorite couch? Program the drapes to close at the right time daily.
  • Out of town on vacation and want to conserve energy by turning the hot water heater off? Use automation to reactivate it at a planned time before you get home.
  • Concerned about the massive damage cause by water leaks? Set up your automation to turn off the home water supply when moisture is detected in certain areas.
  • Got a fortune in food in the freezer? Use automation to notify you of abnormal temperature ranges inside the freezer.
  • And the list continues………

Let Audio Tec Designs help bring out the best in your home with a Smart Home Automation system.

Hand With A Phone Showing The Control4 App And How Easy It Is To Fully Control Your Home At Your Fingertips Through One Integrated System.
Modern Home Theater Design With Comfortable Seating And A Large Projector Screen With An Overall Blue Design Decor.

Home Theater

When you see a movie in a great theater, you hear the sound effects, the dialogue, the music perfectly layered together to weave a story. But the sound doesn’t just emit from the screen, but is everywhere. When something comes from the left of the scene, you hear it on the left. A character speaking in front of you is heard from in front of you. The careful incorporation of bass, speakers, and subwoofers weave together different element of sound.

In the theater, the screen takes up your entire field of view, which draws you into the scene of action. The attention to lighting in the theater is comforting and anticipatory; as the lights dim, the entire world is your viewing area and springs to life. With the latest technology in high resolution screen development and automated lighting design, Security Safe can put you in the middle of the action.

Let’s not forget the comfort of watching a movie. Movie theater recliners are becoming more advanced, and do more than hold your drink and recline.

With a Home Theater designed by Audio Tec Designs, there won’t be another home theater like yours.

Lighting Control

Smart Lighting control provides benefits in all areas of home life to include financial, comfort, convenience, entertainment and even planet preservation. Advanced lighting control systems add to your home and family security and additionally our Landscape Lighting Systems add an ambiance and elegance to the exterior of your home enhancing your property’s feature and beauty.

Your consideration for lighting safety is both inside and outside the home. Increasing visibility by illuminating areas of the home is safety for the occupants and guests. Arriving to a lighted driveway, illumination on exterior steps and walkways and even interior low light accents for halls and pathways can be more than just a convenience. The control is doing so on a schedule or only when lighting is needed due to the presence of occupants.

Did you remember to turn off the lights when you left? Are you getting home later that expected? Want to just randomly make your house look occupied? Anything is possible with remote control apps connected to your home lighting control system.

Efficiency in today’s economy is wise regardless of who you are and to what income level you operate. Lighting control systems help manage lights to lower utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Automated Kitchen Lighting Scene With The Right Amount Of Incoming Natural Light. The Dining Table And Chairs Are In Dark Tones That Contrast With The Light And Warm Tones Of The Walls And Ceiling, Creating A Balanced And Modern Atmosphere.
Close-Up Of Handshake Approving Startup Project. On The Table Are Some Blueprints For The Project And Other Items Such As A Tablet, Calculator, And Pens.

About Us

  • Work With Your Builder

    We regularly work with our customer’s builders and architects to ensure our Smart Home solutions perfectly integrate with your new home and it’s design during the building phase.

  • 33 Years of Experience

    We have been making homes Smart since 1989 and install the full range of home entertainment and security system. Our professional technicians are certified and licensed in all the systems we install.

  • Designed for You

    Every client is unique and so is every Smart Home and Entertainment system that we design. We engineer all our systems and provide extended support and detailed documentation to help ensure that your investment will provide you enjoyment and benefits for many years to come.

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Very professional company, from the initial assessment visit to the install. Owner David Holiday and son Scott are professional, communicative and very knowledgeable about the products and the business.
I would recommend Audio Tech Design to my friends and business associates any time.

Steve C.

I used Audio Tec Designs to install a home theater in my home. They did a wonderful job on the installation covering the Man Cave and our home office. After the job was complete the house looked like no one had been there. I highly recommend Audio Tec.

Robert S.

Control4 App On A Smartphone In A Lady'S Hand Displays Home Automation Features For Audio, Video, Lighting, Comfort, And Security Control.

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